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HyperDesktop: Take Screenshot and Upload within One Click

HyperDesktop: Take Screenshot and Upload within One Click

What do you normally do to upload your screenshots on Internet? Let me guess you press the print screen button, paste and save file in photoshop and then open a free image hosting website for uploading and then upload it. Pheww, it requires several clicks and more time. You can do the same work in just one click. HyperDesktop is a small tool that lets you take screenshots and upload them directly on the Internet within a single click. HyperDesktop uses Imgur (popular free image hosting) to upload the images.

This small tool will allow you to capture screenshots and upload to Imgur within one click.

It also works as an Imgur image uploader so if you have a image stored in your computer and you want to share it with your friends while chatting on IM, just drag and drop it on the Hyperdesktop client, it will upload the image to Imgur and provide you the direct link of the image. Isn’t it easy?

As you can see in the left image, you can also use ‘Capture Selected Area’ if you don’t want to capture the full screen of your desktop.

It saves the screenshot in ‘C:\Screenshot\’ , you can change the location by clicking on the ‘Option’ and ‘Preference’.

I have tried it. I must say it’s an awesome tool. Once you use this tool, it will be in yours must have list. Here’s an video showing how easy to work with this tool.

How to use HyperDesktop

You can use Keyboard shortcuts to use this tool more quickly. By pressing CTRL+SHIFT+3, a screenshot of your entire desktop will be captured, and uploaded. By pressing CTRL+SHIFT+4, you can choose a specific area of your desktop. It automatically runs at start-up so you don’t need to run it everytime after starting the Windows.

Download HyperDesktop (Direct Link)

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